U.S. Bank ReliaCard – Complete Overview and Features

What is US Bank Reliacard?

ReliaCard is a great choice for a prepaid card account, which acts like a recipient account when government organizations pay recurring payments, usually for unemployment benefits, child support, and employee compensation.  

It helps agencies to direct payments to the respective debit card and gives an effective solution for cutting down costs, ensuring timely payments, and enhancing electronic deposits.

A Brief Overview of US Bank Reliacard and Its Latest Mobile App

The new U.S. Bank ReliaCard is a MasterCard or Visa card that comes with great benefits like text alerts, email alerts, and a vast number of free ATMs. This prepaid reloadable debit card is a good alternative for getting paid through a paper check for government agency payments.

Rather than paying to cash checks or rushing to the bank, your funds can automatically be deposited to your card. That implies your money is ready for use. Whether you want to make purchases or pay your bills, your Reliacard can readily be used at any place where MasterCard or Visa debit cards get accepted.  Along with the information like this, we’ve provided accurate information about Routing Number details of all Bank in the United States at BankRoutingNumberFinder.com.

what is us bank reliacard

How does it work?

The government agencies just have to use their current direct debit processes for depositing funds to the Reliacard account of the recipient. The recipients instantly gain access to their funds and they can use their cards anywhere. There’s no bank account or credit check needed for getting the card. Anyone is eligible to get the card.

Reliacard Mobile App: The Latest Added Feature

What makes the usage of US Bank ReliaCard even more interesting is that it has its own mobile application, which was launched recently. Such prepaid cards have started gaining increasingly high exposure as banks like U.S. Bank have started offering mobile access, normally offered to mainstream banking customers. The native mobile application is available for Reliacard cardholders for smartphones on Google Android and Apple iOS platforms.

With the new app, customers can review their transaction history, check their balance, view mini statements, pay bills, and manager their other prepaid accounts.

The app is now available for download on Google Play Store and Apple iTunes Store. Search for U.S. Bank ReliaCard in the respective app store.

US Bank ReliaCard Mobile App

Benefits to the Cardholder and Agency of ReliaCard

Apart from the latest mobile app expediency, the cardholder gets to enjoy the below benefits:

  • Security: If the card is stolen or lost, the funds are secured by MasterCard or Visa’s Zero Liability Policy. They are also FDIC insured.
  • Widely Accepted: Cardholders can withdraw cash or make purchases anywhere where debit cards are accepted.
  • Convenience: Funds automatically get loaded to the respective card’s account. So, there’s no need for cardholders to deposit a check or withdraw cash.
  • The agency is also benefited in the following ways:
  • Enhances the rates of participation in direct deposit and offers timely funds
  • Cuts down costs related to postage, paper checks, lost check replacement or reconciliation
  • Complements the current processes of direct debit via conventional ACH funding
  • With all that it has to offer, U.S. Bank ReliaCard has certainly set a benchmark.


Where Can You Use the US Bank Reliacard?

These are the ways in which a Reliacard of US bank can be used:

  1. They can be used anywhere, including restaurants, gas stations, grocery stores etc.
  2. To pay bills, phone, postal mail orders
  3. To withdraw cash from any bank teller that accepts VISA
  4. To withdraw money from ATM

relicard of us bank is a reliable choiceThe spent amount or the withdrawal amount automatically reflect in the bank account.

Now let’s take a glance at how you can activate and set a PIN number.

Reliacard has to be activated before actually using it. The moment one receives the card he needs to call the customer service to activate it. The contact number of the customer care is also sent with the card.

What is U.S. Bank Reliacard’s PIN?

Signature-based purchases can be made to use Reliacard and it can be done without entering a PIN number. The same PIN can be used to withdraw cash from ATMs. The best part is that the owner can only choose the PIN number by contacting the US Bank customer service. It is very important that the cardholder must not reveal the PIN to anybody else.

Stolen or Lost Cards

In case somebody loses Reliacard, then they can call the Reliacard customer service department on the toll-free number 855-233-8374 to report a stolen or lost card. This toll-free number is printed on the card and also on the statement received on the card. After you report about the stolen card, a new card can be got from the bank and the balance amount in the stolen card can be transferred back to the new card. The cardholder will not be responsible for any sort of fraudulent activity committed with the card as long as the case has been reported.

Reliacard is one of the lifesaving avenues for many families now and one of the successful missions by the government. To know more about the Reliacard, please visit the official website of US Bank.

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