The Need for Key Bank Routing Number

Key Bank is one of the major banks in the United States based on its total deposits and assets. Headquartered in Ohio, it offers its customers investment management services, consumer finance, commercial and retail banking, and investment banking products. As with any other bank in the US, Key Bank also needs customers to enter the routing number to approve many banking transactions. Many customers don’t know what Key Bank routing number is. To help such customers, here’s a look into what it is, why customers need and where they can find it.

Why Do You Need Key Bank Routing Number?

The routing number, also called ABA number, Routing Transit Number of ACH routing number, is a code that’s used for identifying the financial institution of the person who’s initiating a transaction in the US. Whether it’s tracking wire transfers or setting up direct deposits for a bank account, routing number is essential for almost every transaction.

key bank routing number

It’s generally a nine-digit code, which is used for processing various kinds of transactions, including direct deposits, ACH transactions, wire transfer, international and domestic money  transfer, check processing, and other similar transactions.

The routing number differs for different banks. However, sometimes a specific region’s all banks may have the same routing number as that of Key, though it implies the transaction with the financial institution where the account was actually opened. If you are wondering about how to find the Routing Number details, don’t worry you are in the right place. You can find the complete list of the Key Bank Routing number details here.

Where to Find Key Bank Routing Number on Your Check?

If you are searching for the routing number on your check, it’s easy to find it. It’s the nine-digit code that you can see on your check’s lower left bottom corner. You can find it in this part of the check if you are a business, savings or checking account holder at Key. The others may have to seek help from the customer care department. It’s also possible search online to find out about the particular routing number or use their online banking system to get the information.

 The website of Key Bank also gives a list of routing numbers depending on the kind of transaction and the account location. It’s important to note that in some of the states, the routing numbers are different for wire transfer, ACH payments and ordering checks. For instance, the routing number to order checks in Florida is 067014181, whereas the routing number for ACH payments and wire transfers is 041001039.  In some other states, there’s just one routing number for all kinds of transactions. For instance, in Washington State, the routing number is 125000574 for all transactions.

Now that you know what Key Bank routing number is and where you can find it, you can go ahead and carry out all your banking transactions with ease – without being stuck anywhere in between the process. If you’re still finding any difficulty with the routing number, drop your queries in the comments section below and we’ll resolve your queries.

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