Suntrust Routing Number – A Complete List

If you are looking for Suntrust Routing Number details, you are at the right place. Suntrust Bank is one of the most coveted banks of the United States. It offers multiple financial services to its customers like money deposits, lending, trust and investment services, credit cards and more. It has many subsidiaries that help to provide investment banking in the corporates, mortgage banking, capital market services and other forms of wealth management.

One of the most important things to know when it comes to handling the various proceedings of the bank is the routing number. Here you will get to know the importance of a Suntrust routing number and why it is needed. We will provide the list of Routing Number details of Suntrust Bank in this post that solves all money transfer issues.

Suntrust Routing Number

Let us first begin by understanding what a routing number is. Suntrust Routing Number is the bank identification number that is used to help in the processing of credits as well as debits between two or more financial institutions. Suntrust Bank just like every bank has been assigned with a unique number. This number has been allotted by an agent of the ABA (American Bankers Association). The name of this agent is Thomas Financial Publishing Inc.

The routing number is needed at the time of setting up a direct deposit to either a checking account or you have to make an automatic bill payment from that account. This routing number is used to correctly identify the bank that is responsible for making the payment. If any one of the digits is not matched with the correct routing number, then the transaction fails.

Suntrust Routing Number Details

State Routing/Transit Number
Orlando, FL 061000104
Orlando, FL 051000020
Orlando, FL 053100465
Orlando, FL 055002707
Orlando, FL 061100790
Orlando, FL 063102152
Orlando, FL 063106750
Orlando, FL 064000046

The simplest way to find the routing number of your bank is with the help of a check. A fraction form is usually printed in the upper right corner of the check and the full routing number, which comprises of nine digits, is mentioned at the bottom left corner before the account number. The routing number is printed in the magnetic link and this is the first thing that is checked by the automatic check reader when a check is sent for processing.

However, another important thing that must be kept in mind is that the routing number is not always the same as the number that is mentioned at the bottom of the check.


Large banks usually have separate routing numbers that depend on the purpose of the financial service that is being used, the geographic location of the bank or the branch where the customer had first opened his or her account. Thus, it is important to ensure that the correct Suntrust Routing Number is used before you indulge in any transaction.

A routing number is essential to know if you want to make an online transaction or an electronic one. It is most commonly used for wire transfers and for processing of ACH (Automated Clearing House). This is primarily used for tracking the activities that are being performed by a particular individual.

Now that you know the need for the routing number of your bank, make sure you keep it handy next time you have to carry out a transaction. Hope you liked our article on Suntrust Routing Number Details – A Complete List, don’t hesitate to share our work with others in social media. 

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