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In this article, we are going to check out the Regions Bank Routing Number also other details that you need to know about Regions Financial Corporation bank. We are focusing on the routing numbers of many other banks because we’ve faced little difficulties in knowing the routing numbers of banks for wire transfer, so we are providing the important details of the banks along with their routing numbers and in this case, I’m focusing on regions routing number. Regions Financial Corporation is an Alabama based asset management and financial and banking service providing company. It is now 22nd largest bank in US and 10th largest US-based bank in the United States of America. Regions

Bank Routing number details are going to be displayed below if you are not interested in checking out the details of the bank.

If you look at our previous article, we’ve focused on various banks routing numbers, and in this, we are going to focus on Regions Routing Number. You can also view the information of Routing Number List of Regions Bank

The journey of Regions Bank:

It was incorporated on 13th July 1971, when it came in a merger with three Alabama Bank- Montgomery, Exchange Security Bank of Birmingham and first National Bank of Huntsville. It was known as First Alabama Bancshares then. It had the crown of first state-chartered bank holding company in Alabama. All three Banks were running independently until revised bank regulation took effect in 1985. If you are vexed of searching for Regions Bank Routing Number, then you are at right place.

From 1986 it started spreading rapidly its business in other states like Florida, Georgia, and Arkansas Etc and finally it took its present name- Regions Financial Corporation and the name of its banking subsidiary was Regions Bank.

Then it initiated aggressive marketing in Florida, Tennessee, South Carolina, Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas.

Regions Bank Routing Number Details:

regions bank routing number

Major mergers and Acquisitions by Regions Bank:

In 1998 Arkansas Bank was also taken over by Regions, securities brokerage firm Morgan Keegan on 19th December 2000 and Independence Bank under the purchase price of $20 million cash, on 17th March 2002. That golden moment finally came on 10th April 2002, when Regions to list its common stock on the New York Stock Exchange.

After acquiring AmSouth Bancorporation, another Birmingham based bank in a $10 billion deal on 25th March 2006; Regions became America’s eighth largest Bank with the total asset of $140 billion.

Although during the slowdown and financial crisis in 2008 it received $3.5 billion loans from US government as a part of troubled asset relief program, on 4th April 2012 it repaid the whole amount. Considering these features, I’ve decided to provide you the information about Regions Bank Routing Number.

Business arena of Regions Bank:

It opened many subsidiaries later. Some of them are:

  • A mortgage Bank- Regions Mortgage,
  • An investment subsidiary- Regions Subsidiary.
  • In very recent it acquired Rebsamen Insurance Company.

Here is the complete list of Regions Bank Routing Number based on Locations.

  • Alabama – 062000019
  • Arkansas – 082000109
  • Florida – 063104668
  • Georgia – 061101375
  • Illinois – 071122661
  • Indiana – 074014213
  • Iowa – 073900438
  • Kentucky – 083901744
  • Louisiana – 065403626
  • Mississippi – 065305436
  • Missouri – 081001387
  • North Carolina – 053012029
  • South Carolina – 053201814
  • Tennessee – 064000017
  • Texas – 111900785
  • Virginia – 051009296


Regions cater almost every banking needs including the prominent two’s- personal banking and commercial banking. It has its presence in SME banking also.

Regions Bank Routing Number [Valid List]

regions bank routing numbers list

Regions provide customers almost every needy financial solution like- to get the loan for the home, auto, business, and investment planning for the family, education of children and retirement.

For Business banking, it provides plenty of schemes like equipment financing, asset-based lending, commercial insurance, merchant services etc.

Through Regions wealth creation anyone can invest in Life Insurance and various schemes. It is totally managed by its professional wealth management team.

Recently in a study, it came out that Regions stood fourth in retail customer satisfaction and sixth in overall banking satisfaction. Thus these are the Regions Bank Routing number details and other facts about Regions Bank.

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