Regions Bank Routing Number – A Complete List (062005690)

Regions bank routing number list corresponding to regions will give you perfect place to end your search. In order to do the wire transfer, the routing number is 062005690. Regions Bank is one of the popular US banks and financial services company that has its headquarters in Birmingham. It was founded in the year 1971. This bank deals with a lot of products and services like retail banking, commercial banking, mortgage and investment banking. It also deals with insurance as well as asset management.

The Net Income of Regions Bank in the year 2014 was $1.15 billion; this goes on to say that the bank is doing great. It has total assets worth $125 billion, which is quite valuable. The Regions bank routing number is one such facility that customers enjoy. This bank is listed under S&P 500. There have been great technological developments that have happened in the recent times and this is reflecting in the banking sector as well.

There have been numerous developments that have taken place in the banking sector; one of the popular features is the routing number. These days, pretty much everything is computerized and life has become easier even in the banking sector. You need to check out great information that we are building on this blog in here.

regions bank routing number

Regions Bank came into existence on 13th July 1971, with the merger of Exchange Security Bank of Birmingham, Alabama Bank – Montgomery, and the first National Bank of Huntsville. It was then known as First Alabama Bancshares taking one word each from all the three merged banks. It has the distinction of being the first state-chartered bank holding company in Alabama.

Until 1985, all three banks kept running independently as the revised bank regulation took effect only then. After 1985, they started spreading their business rapidly in other states and took the name of Regions Financial Corporation while their banking subsidiary became Regions Bank.

Having the routing number proves that the bank is a state-chartered or federal institution in the US and it maintains an account with the Federal Reserve. Mostly, small banks have one routing number, but the large and multinational ones can have several. The routing number for Regions Bank varies from state to state.

Regions Bank has a strong presence in locations like Georgia, Florida, Arkansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Louisiana etc. 

Here is our complete list of Regions Bank Locations:

  • Alabama
  • Arkansas 
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Illinois 
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Kentucky 
  • Louisiana
  • Mississippi 
  • Missouri 
  • North Carolina
  • South Carolina 
  • Tennessee 
  • Texas
  • Virginia

As we know, every bank has a unique nine-digit number known as a routing number. It is used for identifying the financial institution in a transaction. If you make any wire transfer, banks need two numbers by which it identifies its customers. One is your account number, which is unique for every bank customer and the other is the routing number, which is unique to the bank.

Regions Bank Locations

These routing numbers are used for the payment of various consumer bills, tax payments, wire transfers etc. So, if you are Regions Bank customer, you need to have this Regions Bank Routing Number and also the Location list, as its unique based on each location. 

To make any such transaction, both the account and the routing numbers work in tandem. The routing number is used for identifying the bank, while the account number is used to identify a particular customer of that bank. If a particular customer has multiple account numbers in a particular bank, then he or she will have the same routing number but different account numbers.

Regions Bank routing number/Transit number list according to the states.

State Routing/Transit Number
Alabama 062000019
Arkansas 082000109
Florida 063104668
Georgia 061101375
Illinois 071122661
Indiana 074014213
Iowa 073900438
Kentucky 083901744
Louisiana 065403626
Mississippi 065305436
Missouri 081001387
North Carolina 053012029
South Carolina 053201814
Tennessee 064000017
Texas 111900785
Virginia 051009296

What Is the Routing Number of Regions Bank?

If you are thinking as to where to get the information that is related to the routing number, then do not worry. You will be able to get all the details related to the bank account and also locate the routing number details as soon as you log into the bank account. For any questions, you can refer to official Regions website here.

The Regions Bank routing number indicates the exact location from where you had first opened your bank account. Whenever you make a transaction, you will be required to check the routing number via your phone or by mail. The routing number is also popularly known as the routing transit number.

regions bank routing number
Regions Bank Routing Number List

One of the easiest ways to find the Regions Routing Number is by looking for it on your deposit slip or checkbook. It can be seen in the left corner of the check and it is the first nine digits of the number series. You will have to keep in mind that the routing number will differ from one state to another.

You will also be able to find out your routing number by logging into your bank account. These days, banking has become more user-friendly with loads of options that are available to the users.

People do not have to go to the bank to get their work done; everything can be done just by logging into their bank account online. That is how convenient life has become for people. The above-mentioned tips must have helped in finding the routing number of Regions Bank.

They have a wealth management team that takes care of all your investment planning through various innovative products and schemes. They rank high up in retail customer satisfaction and banking satisfaction. Thus, by having an account with them, you are sorted as far as your financial needs are concerned.

The Regions Bank Routing Number or the otherwise popularly known term, Regions Bank ABA routing number, is basically a nine-digit number, which is required in order to perform all the banking transactions like wire transfers or some sort of direct deposit or even electronic payments. This is also popularly known as the routing transit number or RTN. Hope you enjoyed our article on Regions Bank Locations and Routing Number details, feel free to share about our work with your network.

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