Overview of Academy Bank Routing Number and Locations

Academy Bank is one of the top 25 Banks in the United States. If you are looking to make a transaction from Academy bank to other banks or probably international wire transfer or any other payments, you’ll need the Academy Bank Routing Number along with Account Number. A routing number is a nine-digit number that is used for identifying the financial institution in a transaction and Academy bank has over 70+ branches in Arizona, Colorado, Florida, and Missouri states. Each and every bank needs two pieces of critical information to identify its customers. One is the account number, which is a unique one for every individual and the other is the routing number. If you are one of those people who is searching for the routing number of Academy Bank or the locations of Academy Bank, you are at the right place. Check out our other article to learn more about Academy Bank Locations and Routing number.

If we consider account number as the fingerprint of a particular customer, then routing numbers are the fingerprints or the identity of a particular banking institution. It is a unique numeral associated with a particular institution, which indicates from where the transactional funds are coming from and where they are heading to. For any transaction like setting up a direct deposit for your pay check or ordering checks online, you need to provide both these critical details: your account number and the routing number. The most common transactions where the routing number is required are wire transfers and ACH (Automated Clearing House). You need to make sure, regardless of locations, Academy Bank has a routing number that is applicable for all states AZ, CO, FL, and MO is 107001481.

academy bank routing number

This nine-digit sequence is used all over the United States for identifying the specific financial institution. This number alone is a proof that the bank is a state-chartered or federal institution and also that it maintains an account with the Federal Reserve. The small banks in the US normally possess one routing number, while large banks and multinational ones have several routing numbers depending on the state where one holds the account.

The consumers make use of these routing numbers for the payment of consumer bills, tax payments, establishing a direct deposit and when they have to reorder checks.

The routing number and account number work in tandem. While the routing number identifies the bank, the account number, which is again anything between 8-10 digits, identifies the individual account in that particular financial institution. It means if you are holding two accounts in a particular bank branch, then you will have the same routing number with different account numbers.

The account number is a unique identity for you and should be protected. The routing number, on the other hand, for a particular institute can be located online (for instance, for Academy bank the routing number is 107001481). For an individual holding an account in Academy Bank, these numbers are available at the bottom of the check book.

Both these numbers are important to complete any transaction and to make sure that the money goes to the right place. Unless you are sure of both the numbers, double check them before using them. Any one number mentioned wrong will result in delays and at times you might be slapped with some associated bank charges in case the funds end up in some incorrect account.

The routing numbers that are used for various domestic and international wire transfers are different than the ones that are listed on checks used for electronic payments. Hence, care should be taken while making a transaction, Academy Bank always suggests you not to share your account number with anyone through phone or other digital means and make sure you always secure your details. If you have any other questions about Academy Bank Routing Number, please make sure you give a call to the support line at (877) 712-2265.

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