Bank of the West Routing Number Details – Complete List

Bank of West is one of the most prominent banks in the United States. It is a financial organization offering various financial services and is headquartered at San Francisco, California. It is a subsidiary of BNP Paribas. It is one of the banks, which has been offering lots of financial services for over a decade and has a satisfied loyal customer mass across the states. It has a vast array of clientele starting from retail to real estate, from manufacturing to public and private partnered organization. The core ethics of the Bank of West encircle around customer satisfaction as a result of which it has managed to serve a vast mass of clientele from every segment of business and society.

We all love to shop and also pay utility bills online because of the convenience factor. Along with using credit and debit cards, another method that has gained popularity is ACH (Automated Clearing House) routing number. It works in two ways:

  • ACH credit
  • ACH debit

While ACH credit is safe, it is ACH debit, which can prove disastrous given the fact that your account number is shared by a third party. If this information gets into fraudster’s hands, then by having both your account and the Bank of the West routing number, he can dupe you with your money.

As per Bank of the West official website, it states that “for all your checking accounts, Bank of the west routing number or the a.b.a number is going to be 121100782″. You can contact the nearby back and here is the list to search for the list of branches near you – list.

Here are some of the most important details that you need to have if you feel your Best of the West account is misused. 

  • Lost or stolen credit card 1-800-996-2638, or 1-808-842-3100 if you’re outside the U.S.
  • Unauthorized ATM, debit card and other transactions 1-800-488-2265
  • Pacific Rim Banking 1-213-972-0388


The standard rules and regulations followed by the bank are centralized by the operations from the headquarters. However, the standards are following the US bank association. Including the routing number, the bank is also very much particular about its operations and their standardization and they do it with the routing number assigned to their bank. Bank of the West routing number not only helps the bank to create a managed work flow, but also helps the other linked financial bodies, which usually deal with them.

A routing number is nothing but a number that is the identity of the bank or identity of any particular operation within the bank. You can find the routing number behind the check or the bottom left corner of the check. The first nine digits form the routing number of the bank. The routing number is used for numerous banking and financial processes like fund transfer, order checks, transfer funds at domestic and international levels and many more. As it is a unique number, most of the banks carry multiple numbers for multiple operations, but many do it with a single and unique routing number for all the operations in the bank; however, Bank of West prefers to work on multiple numbers. Its routing number is also called ABA routing number or RTN (Routing Transit number). It is also utilized for electronic payments and all these are encrypted processes completely secure with the respective routing number.

Bank of the West Routing Number details – State wise.

State Routing/Transit Number
Grapevine, TX 111916724
Los Angeles, CA 107000152
Grapevine, TX 111305856
El Paso, TX 112025342

So, what should you do to safeguard your interests? You can actually look into the following two alternate methods.

Pay by Credit Card: If you have to make any payment where the information has to be shared with a third party, use your credit card. You might argue that it is equally riskier to share your credit card information.

You are perhaps right that sharing your card info is risky, but the catch is if you pay by credit card then you are protected with $0 liability for any fraud.

bank of the west routing number
Bank of the West routing number – 121100782

Unlike ACH debit where you are liable for $50 if you report fraud in two days or for $500 if you report within 60 days. Normally reporting within two days seems unlikely and thus you have to take a dent of at least $500.

Another benefit of using this method is that in case some fraudulent transaction is done on your card, it will only affect the credit availability but nothing is gone from your account as such. If a fraud payment is initiated through ACH debit, then the money goes out of your account, which can affect your future payments and might result in some bounced checks as well.

Online Bill Pay: This is still a better method of paying. Here you don’t go to the third party website; instead, you log into your own account online and make payments through online bill pay.

You also need to make sure Bank of the West Routing number and also your account number needs to be kept as a secret, even when you receive any mails that appears to be official. Make sure you never ever share your details.

email from bank of the west

You need to make sure you never ever… ever share your bank of west routing number or account number or check number or any other confidential details, even if it appears that official bank sent you this email.

This way, payment is processed by ACH credit network and hence you need not share your account number anywhere. Here, you are in control as to when the payment will be made.

The ACH debit other than leading to disclosing your account number may also result in unexpected withdrawals especially in the case where recurring payment option is given.

Bank of West is one of the best banks, which is awarded multiple times for its ability to serve clients with the paramount of care and humbleness. It is now the main competitor to most of the other financial institutions in the region in terms of funds and provisions. With the increase in the bank’s size, it is also expanding its operations and very soon the list of routing number will also evolve for its network.

The world is fast moving towards internet payments through various modes like a debit card, credit card, online bill pay and ACH methods. According to the NACHA survey, only 30% of bills are now paid through the mail in the US and the number is constantly shrinking. These newer methods are preferred because they’re faster and more convenient and if taken proper precautions they are safer too. If you are searching for the complete list of Bank of the West Routing number and other security details, BankRoutingNumberFinder is the best and trusted source for you.

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