Arvest Bank Routing Number – A Complete List (082900872)

Routing number of Arvest Bank in Arkansas is 082900872. 082900872 is the main Arvest Bank Routing number valid for every type of transaction (Direct Deposit, Wire Transfers, e-transfers etc) in Arkansas. Amongst the many leading and popular banks in the United States of America, Arvest Bank is one that provides world-class services to all its customers. It was founded in the year 1961 and since then it has been contributing successfully to the economy of the world. Arvest Routing Number has over 9-digits unique number that’s useful for transferring the money between the accounts or to the other banks. It is a company that offers diversified financial services and has its headquarters in the city of Bentonville, Arkansas. It houses over 5000 employees and has several branches in Oklahoma, Kansas, and Missouri.

Arvest Bank is mainly located in these locations:

  • Arkansas (118 – branches)
  • Missouri (44)
  • Kansas (8)
  • Oklahoma (101)

Arvest Bank locations - main branch

The Address of Headquarters of Arvest Bank is – Po Box 799 Lowell, AR 72745 Phone: 479-750-5158. As per our records Arvest bank’s branches is located in over 250+ locations in the above mentioned States. I hope you’ve had required information about Arvest bank Locations, lets move towards the Routing Number details of Arvest bank. With over 268 branches Arvest Bank is Located in 5 different states in United States.

If you have an account in Arvest Bank, then you are probably aware of all the financial services and features that it offers. We also hope that you are aware of the importance of the routing number of the bank. For those who do not know about this bank, here is a brief introduction.

The routing number of a Arvest bank is the nine-digit number that is used to correctly identify a bank. It is used to carry out multiple transactions such as direct deposits, wire transfers, electronic payments, ordering of checks and others in the bank. Routing number is also called ABA (American Bankers Association) number, RTN (Routing Transit Number) and ACH (Automated Clearing House) number.

While some banks have the same routing number for all transactions, other banks choose to have separate routing numbers for different reasons. For example, a bank can have a separate routing number for different types of transactions or the routing number can vary according to the geographic location of the bank and the respective Arvest bank branch where the customer had opened account for the first time.

This bank routing number depends upon the state or region of the account. For instance, if the account is in Arkansas, Missouri or Greater Kansas City, the routing or transit number of the bank account would be 082900872 and if it is in KS, Caney or Oklahoma, the transit number of the bank would be 103112976.

List of Arvest Bank Routing Number Details based on Locations:

State/Region Routing/Transit Number
Arkansas 082900872
Missouri 082900872
Greater Kansas City 082900872
Oklahoma 103112976
Caney, KS 103112976
Arkansas 082908816

You need to be aware of other routing numbers in the state of Arkansas. Here are most of them. 

  • 101289432
  • 103009982
  • 103100823
  • 103111841
  • 103112976
  • 103189378
  • 103903376
  • 282970181 is updated to this number 082900872
  • 082907011 
  • 082905725
  • 101218490
  • 082908722
  • 103100328
  • 103012788 
  • 082907532
  • 082902566
  • 082001522
  • 082900872
  • 082902634
  • 082907066
  • 082904687

These are the other Routing numbers in the state of Arkansas that you need to check and most of these from the branch carrying the address PO Box 799 Lowell Arkansas 72745. These are the most updated routing numbers for the Arvest bank. We strive to keep the list updated regularly to make sure we provide accurate information for our users. If you are searching for other bank routing number details then visit BankRoutingNumberFinder.

The easiest way to find a routing number for your particular branch or bank would be via your bank account’s check book, which consists of all your bank account details. There is a number at the bottom of the check that contains your account number, check number and routing number. The first nine digits are your routing number following which your account number and check number would be printed

It is also possible that different branches in the same state have different routing numbers. So, it is absolutely not essential that the number you find on some website is your routing number. You should always confirm this number with the one that is available on your check book as that number is most definitely your routing number.

Online banking for Arvest Bank Routing Number

This routing number is important as it is the first thing that is read when a check is sent for processing. I hope you enjoyed our article on complete list of Arvest Bank Routing Numbers along with Arvest Bank locations. Stay tuned for more exciting information about other banks in US. 

You can also always visit your home branch and ask them for the routing number. A single branch always has the same routing number, so your home branch would have the routing number that you want.

A routing number is an important piece of information and should always be kept safe. It is a common number for all accounts but the usage of this routing number still makes it prone to security breaches. Therefore, keep your routing number secure.

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