Armed Forces Bank Routing Number – A Complete List

The Armed Forces Bank has been serving the army since 100 years and is the most reliable option for the armed forces to take care of their banking needs. The primary goal of setting up this bank was to facilitate armed force officials as these are mainly meant for the provision of their rights and requirements. This bank deals with all facilities like generating credit cards, net banking, mortgages, loans etc. for military officers. To have an account in this bank is the exclusive right of an armed force employee.

This bank, which plays a crucial role in managing the finances of the Army Officers, has three active routing numbers. Armed Forces Bank Routing Number is assigned to them by the American Bankers Association (ABA). If you are searching to find out more details about the routing numbers or account numbers or other banking information related to transfers, etc., then you need to check our our Bank Routing Number page which is loaded with tons of resources.

armed forces bank routing number

Here is the List of Armed Forces Bank Routing Number Details.

State Routing/Transit Number
Kansas (FORT LEAVENWORTH) 083908077
MO (Kansas City) 101101222
MO (Kansas City) 101108319

To know which of the three routing numbers you fall into, there is an easy method. Just take out the check book issued to you – whether you have a business, saving or a checking account – and look at the bottom left corner. The 9-digit number printed there is the routing number of Armed Forces Bank, which helps in identifying the area where the account was opened.

This number, which is also known as ABA routing number, routing transit number (RTN) or ACH routing number, helps in the electronic routing of funds from one bank to another. These transfers can be in the form of direct deposits, wire transfers, check ordering or electronic payments of utilities. At times when these protectors of the nation are located far from American time zone, this digital facility helps them to get all their banking needs done right at their doorstep. If you are planing to make international payments, then you need to have this Armed Forces Bank Routing number – 083908077.

I also want to share other details like 

  • Automation and Routing Contact – ARMED FORCES BANK (1111 MAIN SUITE 201 KANSAS CITY, MO 64105-0000 816 412-6012)

Armed Forces Bank Routing Number details

This is the least that the government can do for their brave men who are ready to sacrifice their life for their nation working in remote geographies. They are also offered loans at the minimum interest rates and the speed with which the loan application is approved is amazing. Within a single day, the loan application of the army personnel gets approved in this bank. All you need to do is match the deals that are displayed on the special software application with your income. Once you get the match, your loan is approved with a single mouse click. Make sure you don’t share your Armed Forces Bank routing number details or your checking or savings account details with anyone.

This bank is a boon for any army personnel and the government takes all necessary steps so that these brave men or their families do not face any problem. Sometimes, they are posted in areas that are technologically not advanced, which is when a digital platform is prepared as a special light login for the officers with which they can log in from anywhere.With an account in this bank, the army person and his family can relax as their finances are safe and secure.

They can also get guidance on a variety of subjects like how to multiply their assets or what is the best loan for them? All in all, if you are in the armed forces, this is the best place to have an account. Hope you enjoyed our Armed Forces Bank Routing Number details, you can find out other bank’s routing details as well.

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