An Overview of Huntington Bank Routing Number

Huntington Bank is one of the holding companies in the US, which has its headquarters in Columbus. This bank was established in the year 1866. It is one of the popular banks in the US with about seventy billion dollars in assets, which is incredible. The bank was also included in the Fortune 1000 list as of 2008.

Some of the services this bank provides are retail as well as commercial financial services. Huntington has more than twelve thousand employees, which itself throws a light as to how big a bank it is in the US.  It has its operations in Ohio, Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky. There are thousands of people who have an account with the Huntington Bank.

When you are trying to initiate a wire transfer to Huntington Bank, you need to use this routing number 044000024. When you are trying to make the international transfers, make sure you use the Huntington Bank’s swift code is HUNTUS33.

Huntington bank routing numbers list

There has been a remarkable transformation in the banking sector after the internet came into existence. Customers can do pretty much anything online. Although everything is accessible online, there are some things people are not clear about. Huntington Bank Routing number is a number using which you can locate the bank’s branch where you first opened an account. This is often asked whenever the account holders make a transaction with Huntington bank.

How Can You Find the Huntington Bank Routing Number?

Huntington bank routing number finds the correct location from where you opened your bank account. Whenever you process a transaction, you will be asked to check the routing number either by mail or phone. The routing number is also otherwise known as the routing transit number. In case you are wondering where to get the information related the routing number, do not panic. You will be able to access all the details related your bank account and also find the routing number details as soon as you log into the bank account. As soon as you log into the bank account online, you will find these details.


There are basically 2 ways to find out the routing number. You can either have a look at your checkbook or you can log into your bank account online and all the details related to you will be displayed. You will be able to check your Huntington Bank routing number as well.

In case you have the check book, you can easily find out the routing number at the bottom left of the check. This is one of the easiest ways to find out the routing number for your bank. People who are not very tech-savvy or not very sure about how to use the internet banking can rely on the check book to get the routing number.  In case you do not have the checkbook, then you can probably log into the bank account using your credentials. As soon as you log in, you will have all the details related to your account, which also includes the bank routing Number.

The way banking is done these days is changing and it has now become a necessity for people to stay updated. This article has now given the easy ways to find the Huntington Bank routing number.

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