All That You Should Know about Suntrust Bank Routing Number

Suntrust Bank is a reliable, popular, trustworthy and reputed American Bank holding company. It is a famous bank that offers notable services to all its customers and ensures the well-being and welfare of all its employees as well as its customers. It has its headquarters in Atlanta city of Georgia, United States.

In order to make sure that all your payments are properly verified and your bank checks are processed properly, you must know the routing number of the bank. Not many people are aware of its significance. So, here we are going to discuss everything that you should know about Suntrust Bank routing number. You can find our entire list of Suntrust Bank Routing Number details in here.

Bank Routing Number is also known as RTN (Routing transit Number). It is a number that comprises of nine digits and is used to correctly identify the respective Suntrust Bank branch or the type of transaction that you are carrying out. Routing numbers are most commonly used in wire transfers and Automated Clearing House (ACH) processes. It is mandatory to specify it with your account number.

suntrust bank routing number

Some banks prefer to have only one unique routing number. On the other hand, some banks as well as credit unions have different routing numbers depending upon the branch of the bank, purpose and geographical location. Therefore, an important thing to check when you initiate money transfer is to ensure that you are choosing the right routing number.

There are several ways with the help of which you can find your bank’s routing number. The most convenient, easiest, and the most common way of finding the routing number is with the help of a check. It is printed at the bottom left of the check before the account number.

Some credit unions have different routing numbers for paper transactions and electronic transactions. The routing numbers are also listed on the websites of the bank. If you want to find the routing number of your account and you do not have your check book at the moment, you can also check it using the online services of the bank. Just log into your account and find the routing number through online banking.

If you are still confused and not sure about your routing number, then you can contact the bank directly and ask them. The customer response service of the Suntrust Bank is quite fast and so your query will get resolved within no time

When you have to make wire transfers, you have to mention your bank account number as well as the routing number of the bank. Any slight mistake in entering these numbers can cause your wire transfer of funds to be rejected. Therefore, make sure that you have the correct routing number with you.

Now that you know everything about routing numbers, we hope that you are not going to face any difficulty.

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